Jaguar F-Pace

Pictures and a video of the new Jaguar F-Pace have been released ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show which is kicking off in under 2 weeks. The F-Pace, if you didn’t know already is a little different to the usual cars Jaguar bring out and is their first ever attempt at making an SUV, so you can expect something pretty special and hopefully, jag will bring something new to the table. The rivals that Jag have in their sites are the Porsche Macan, Audi Q5, Range Rover Evoque and the BMW X3, so it will be one of the smaller SUVs on the market. I owned a second hand Audi Q5 a while back and if it is similar to that but with improvements then Jag are on to a winner. The F-Pace has been long awaited after years of catching glimpses of it in spy shots etc, but now we are only months away from the F-Pace going on sale with prices rumoured to start around £30,000.

Whilst the F Pace is a SUV Jaguar have made it very clear that it isn’t trying to create a rugged off roader with the F-Pace, they have said that an appropriate way of describing it would be as a performance crossover, which we guess is why the F-Pace shares the same letter as the Jaguar F-Type. In terms of looks I do feel a little let down, I cant think why but maybe Jaguars classic design doesn’t quite suit the SUV shape, but I do think it looks a bit dated already. I remember when I first saw a spy shot thinking that it didn’t look too dissimilar to the second hand Ford Kuga that my wife’s been driving around for 5 years.